Black and White and Red All Over Quilt (part 3)

I thought I was going to have a dress post, with photos taken at SewDixieLou’s little sewing get-together, but there was too much dancing for me to remember to get photos! Instead here is some patchwork that was done months ago…

Next in the Block of the Month course on Craftsy I made two nine-patch blocks. As the name suggests, these are made by making 9 little squares and joining them together.

The octagon block was so simple – 4 half-square triangles and 5 plain squares – so not much to say about it.

Craftsy BOM 006bOctagon Block

Craftsy BOM 007bGreek Cross Block

The Greek cross needed a bit more thought when cutting; instead of plain squares there are four blocks divided into rectangles that took a bit of extra measuring, but not enough to make it complicated. I really like the tiny gingham/checks in this block.

Both blocks could look great as a whole quilt, either with a design/feature in the centre of each block, or with different coloured corner triangles to create diamonds on the whole quilt. SO many possibilities from something so simple.

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