Black and White and Red All Over Quilt (part 4)

Next in the Block of the Month course on Craftsy I made two star blocks. You might have noticed these are not in the order of the course; I did all the precise-measurement based blocks first and save the scrappy blocks for the end so I knew what scraps I would have left.

The Ohio star block was the simpler of the pair, once the quarter-square triangles were made. I love Amy’s methods of creating these triangles without fiddly cutting. Before starting this project I had imagined cutting out millions of precisely sized triangles, but this method involves sewing lines on squares and then cutting. I wish I had a fabric with a big motif to have a fussy-cut centre square, but this was the best I could find.

Craftsy BOM 002bOhio Star Block

Craftsy BOM 001bDouble Star Block

To quote Amy Gibson about the Double Star block “the cutting on this one is the most tedious part of the block.” There were lots of little squares and rectangles to cut out and mark to make the flying geese. I really like the overall look of this block, but can’t imagine making a whole quilt of these!


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2 thoughts on “Black and White and Red All Over Quilt (part 4)

  1. Hey. You got my attention with B-A-W-A-R-A-O – I’m making a quilt with the same theme which also…included flying geese which I can only agree, was fun for a bit but I would never want to do a whole quilt of.

    Hope the next block is fun.


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