Black and White and Red All Over Quilt (part 7)

You may remember I explained that I wasn’t following the exact order of the Craftsy course, as I wan’t to cut all the precise pieces out before doing the scrappy quilts. Well here are the first random/scrappy quilts.

The log cabin in a quilt design that even a novice-quilter like me had heard all about. The first version was a modern log cabin that had no set measurements, and I really enjoyed this impulsive way of working. I added some forward-thinking, by deciding to alternate the prints with plain black; I love the impact of this block (despite seeing some wobbles and wonky grainlines :-S oops). This is definitely a block I’d love to make more of for a whole quilt.

log cabinModern Log Cabin Block


Wonky 5-Sided Log Cabin Block

The second log cabin was even more fun! Pick any strip of fabric, sew, press and trim, with no need for careful 90° angles. I even used a scrap half-square-triangle for the initial centre square to add to the chaos. To make a whole quilt out of this design I think you’d have to really think carefully about fabric choices, as it is a bit too dizzying even for me!

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