Printed Picnic Skirt


Yesterday was my birthday which means a new outfit! The purple t-shirt is my go-to jersey block with self-drafted cap sleeves, which probably deserves a how-to post at some point; it had been cut out last half-term break in a mammoth cutting session, so took under an hour to whip skirt

More exciting is the skirt! I got the floral denim at the big blogger meet-up (along with Shivani) and thought I really should make use of it before the next shopping trip this weekend. I’ll be honest with you, I wanted an easy make and didn’t want to faff around with fitting in the hot weather so decided to try a circle skirt (after loving the swooshiness of the Tiramisu dresses). To make things even easier, I googled and found an amazing spreadsheet that does all the maths to calculate the radius needed to get a circle to fit.


I folded the fabric into quarters (again because this was the easiest option) and used string and a chalk pencil to draw two curved lines at the distances specified by the spreadsheet. Simple. Except once I cut it out I realised I had no seams for a zip! I cut a seam, added an invisible zip, and then folded a long strip to be a waistband. The top of the waistband was finished with a purple dome button, chosen by twitter sewcialists.

The drafting, cutting and sewing (including finishing seams with bias-binding) took under an hour. What took longer, much longer, was the hem. I let the skirt hang for a day and then sewed a million metres (approx) of binding to the hem, stretching it into a curve before sewing (sewing the long edge of the binding to the skirt); then I turned the bias-binding under and hemmed the skirt with no ripples or wobbles. The hem and waistband were both top-stitched in light aqua that matched the leaves in the print.

circle skirt

I love the swishiness of this skirt, but perhaps the denim was too heavy for a full circle skirt; it isn’t quite as sleek at the waist as I would have hoped, but maybe that is because I like my waist lower on skirts than on dresses. Still, it was great for twirling!
sparkleWhat a full-circle skirt is not so great for is picnicking and pedalo-ing on a windy day – there were a few Marilyn moments! oops!

Tomorrow I will have recipes for some of the yummy picnic treats we ate in the park…