200th post… future crafty plans

A few weeks ago I reached 150 followers across wordpress and bloglovin and today this is my 200th blog post!

I got so many lovely and constructive comments on my giveaway post, I really wanted to think about all the comments (it has been a long day at work so it is nice to think about nice happy things) and think about how I can keep improving my little blog.


Lots of people mentioned my fabric choices 🙂 Last year a friend commented that since I’ve started sewing I wear brighter colours and more prints; the best thing about sewing is being able to choose the combination of fabric and pattern that I like and not be controlled by fashion. I like picking fun and sometimes silly prints and I’m glad other people agree. There are some more fun fabrics hanging on my drying rack at the moment and I have some even crazier ideas on my shopping list… (Christmas party dress made from Christmas print fabric…?!)

There were some clear requests for wishes for the future; more/better/snazzier photos and tutorials/info about fitting and projects.


I’d love to take pictures in more locations but I’m still building up the confidence to take my tripod and remote out and about in public, so you’ll have to put up with exciting hallway shots for a little longer (my flat is tiny so if I need a full length shot, I have to go in the hall as it is the only place I have more than a metre of floor space!) Earlier in the year I deliberated for a long time about putting my face on my blog; I’m a teacher so am aware of what I post online being potentially visible to pupils/parents, but I also realised that all the blogs I enjoyed reading the most were the ones where I could visualise the writer.

I’m definitely going to write some tutorials (when I get a quiet weekend I actually spend at home) to show some of my adjustments and fitting fixes. I’ve learned most of my sewing tricks from reading other blogs and sometimes assume everyone reads the same blogs as me so know the same tips as I do; with so many blogs in existence this is obviously not true, so it would be a pleasure to share my knowledge with my corner of the web. Let me know if there are any specific projects that you want tutorials for; my to-do list includes FBA on princess seams (Elisalex), making my croquis, t-shirt pattern alterations, and a big project that is yet to be revealled…

I was in a pretty lousy mood when I sat down at the computer, but writing this post has cheered me up so much 🙂 The sewing community is really so supportive (not a single nasty comment) and all the comments were so thoughtful, the “blog audit” was so much better than I anticipated. Leave a message below (or say hi on twitter) if you want me to give your blog 2 stars and a wish!




4 thoughts on “200th post… future crafty plans

  1. What a milestone! Congratulations! I’m seriously considering a bit of an overhaul so any constructive critique would be awesome. At the same time if Rees anything that’s a big fail please tell me as I’ll have half a chance at working in the right areas that way!

  2. Hello lovely Ali! I”m so glad that al the feedback made you even happier with your blog and your miserable day! (Oh man, I hear you on that one!) I would love to hear 2 stars and a wish from you about my blog! I’ve thought of asking everyone, but I’m a little intimidated to hear what they have to say! Baby steps, right? I’ll start with you then ask everyone!

  3. I’m so glad you liked all the comments 🙂 I’d love your thoughts on mine – I’ve been doing a bit of tweaking recently to try and get it so I’m happy with it, and it would be great to know what someone else thinks!

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