Pink Polka-dot Hummingbird

I bought this fabric in July on a trip with Jo (I was looking for plain jersey, which hot pink dots definitely is!) and had decided it would be perfect for a Cake Hummingbird top, without even owning the pattern. Then when I got the pattern I was being extra good about resting my wrists and so it sat around for a few weeks.


When my wrists felt up to crafting I wanted an easy project to ease myself into. I also didn’t want to waste crafting time tracing/cutting out lots of pattern pieces, so I decided to try the peplum of the Hummingbird top with my fail-safe jersey bodice. I cut the peplum piece and my normal top pieces, stopping just below the waistline and simply sewed them together at the waist. Simple.4The most time-consuming parts of this make were the neck and sleeve bindings (my new favourite method of finishing knits -look how flat it sits in the picture below!) and trying to work out the best height to join the peplum. When I tried it on it sat a bit low so, instead of unpicking all the lightning stitches, I created a bigger seam-allowance; next time I need to sew it just a teeny bit lower so I can keep the original length of the peplum, as it looks a touch too short in some of these pics.

I really love this top! It is so fun to wear, and looks just a little bit more interesting than just a normal t-shirt. It does feel a bit weird when wearing it as it sometimes feels like I’m wearing a crop-top when the breeze blows the peplum away from my body! Will definitely be making more of these in the future, and maybe with the original bodice!1

These pictures were taken at the end of the summer holidays but I waited to post them as I wanted my 200th post to be special and sentimental; I think the length of my fringe here clearly shows they were taken before my back-to-school haircut!

I still have a few more summer makes to show you (and one that needs a bit of a tweak) but tomorrow is the start of the By Hand London Anna Sew-along and I am looking forward to joining in with a sew-along in real time.


6 thoughts on “Pink Polka-dot Hummingbird

  1. Very cute! I like that it seems like a heavy knit, making the peplum look drapey instead of stick-y-out-y & costume-y. Finishing knits always makes me feel uneasy. Will my machine cooperate? Can I even remember what I did last time that worked?

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