Black and White and Red All Over Quilt – finished!

Thanks for the lovely comments about my #SewRedOctober post. Here (just a few hours before October ends) is more detail about my Black and White and Red All Over quilt.

It feels like ages ago I started this quilt (definitely before Easter holidays) and it was finally completed this month!

red october 3

I followed the free Craftsy 2012 Block of the Month class to make the blocks (summarised here) and then watched Leah Day’s Free Motion Quilting class. The course started for absolute beginners, and there was an episode where you see a real beginner get feedback on her errors from Leah. Leah’s style was very much “that’s good enough, who will notice, don’t waste time redoing things” which I really liked, and do you know what? She was right! Looking at my snuggly quilt here I can’t see the many mistakes I made, and if I can, I don’t care!

I couldn’t decide between quilting the whole quilt (as I had especially bought some super wide quilt-backing fabric) and quilting block-by-block before joining them together (to make the blocks easier to handle). In the end I did a bit of both; I free-motion quilted the blocks onto squares of batting, and when they were all done I joined the blocks and did some basic quilting to attach it to the backing.

red october 4



I loved doing the stippling and wandering stitches, and the geometric echo quilting seen above; Some of the stitch designs needed lots of thought and careful travel stitching. I have to say my favourite finished block is the Circle of Geese block (top right in image below) even though it was SO time-consuming to quilt. I love the bold swirls (escargots actually) combined with the october 5

Once all the blocks were quilted, I cut them to size (the white borders cleverly disguise the fact that the original blocks were all slightly different sizes!), joined with some black Pearl-Bracelet strips, and then laid the new quilt top on top of the backing fabric. I had to lie at the top of my stairwell to do this as it was the only place big enough to lay the quilt flat. The back isn’t perfectly smooth, but since I was only doing simple outline quilting I don’t think it matters too much.

Finally, I bound the quilt with more of the Pearl-Bracelet fabric, finishing it all by machine because some of the quilting was already visible. Ta-da! One finished quilt, prefect for snuggling up under as the weather gets colder.

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