Keeping Count

I am making good progress on my cardigan, and hope with the holidays fast approaching it will be finished before the new year (but I am pacing myself and not rushing!).

I’m at the waist shaping and having to keep track of what row I’m on, and was wondering how you keep track of your knitting. I have a Clover clicker that makes such a satisfying click sound, however it only tells you what row you are on, so you have to number all the rows in the pattern to know what you are doing next.

PicMonkey Collage The County Plus app on my android phone lets you count in sections (eg. counting 1-8, then 1-8, while showing you how many repeats you have done) which is great for following a repeated chart or a sequence of instructions. However, having your row counter on your phone can cause problems when you receive a message you want to read, or when you think you have lost your phone, only to discover it is in your knitting bag!

How do you keep track of your knitting?



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