Onesie + Fleecy = Cosy!

Happy Boxing Day everyone! I hope you all had a lovely day full of family and friends and yummy food. I had a good day at my parents with all the family eating too many roast potatoes, and today we all feel like a lazy sofa day. Luckily I made just the thing in November that is perfect for chilly days on the sofa; a fleecy onesie! onesie 2

Before I continue this post I will clarify that I originally made this for Children in Need pyjama day at school. As an early years teacher I need to show enthusiasm for these things so decided to whip up a onesie as I have plenty of pjs already. I started making this the weekend that I moved, as a crafty project to recover from a hectic weekend of moving; only my machine was unpacked, so I used regular scissors to cut the fleece from the market.

I used my trusty pj bottom pattern (traced from an old but comfy M&S pair) and used the bodice and sleeves of the Hawthorn blouse, cutting both parts with generous ease and seam allowances. the hood was made from two quarter circles cut as big as the left over fabric would allow. This was very much a trial-and-error/fancy dress costume make – extremely rough and ready on the inside and there was lots of best-fit fitting going on. But the result is SO cosy I’ve had to keep it and wear it more (especially at my dad’s big old house).onesie 3I added way too much ease when I first sewed it together and had to take out a lot before it became suitable to wear in public, but I made sure it has enough ease for snuggling on the sofa comfortably. It is badly finished on the inside so I think I will take my pinking shears to the seams to neaten them up so I can get more wear out of it without feeling too embarrassed about my handiwork. This was my first lapped zipper and it wasn’t so bad, so I may try a lapped zipper again on a more serious make!

onesie 1I couldn’t create a plain blue garment so I jazzed it up with some white pom-pom trim around the hood and a giant pom-pom trimmed initial on the back (I told the kids at school it was A for awesome and amazing). Annoyingly my pj pattern is one piece for each leg, so no seams for side pockets, so I added a little patch pocket with more pom-poms to hold my phone or tissues.onesie 4This might be one of the silliest things I’ve made all year, but it is definitely one of the cosiest! Of course I am joining the onesie-trend with a sense of irony, but actually I can now understand the appeal. I’m not sure I’ll wear it out of the house though. Well not yet!


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