Knitting woes

In Sylvia Plath’s ‘The Bell Jar’ Esther goes to see her doctor, who asks what seems to be the matter. She replies “I can’t sleep. I can’t read.” Well I know I’m in a bad episode of depression because I can’t knit.


The lovely bright turquoise yarn that I was yearning for all summer was finally bought to make a scarf. I started with a lacey leaf pattern and on the third attempt at casting the correct number of stitches I knitted an inch or so before getting totally distracted and lost. I ripped it all out and tried a simpler chevron pattern. I misread the ridiculously simple instructions and redid the first three rows twice before knitting away. I hadn’t even got to the first 10 rows before I realised I had miscounted and had some wobbly bits instead of pointy zigzags. It is currently unravelled (for the sixth or seventh time) and is awaiting a day when I have more brain power.


3 thoughts on “Knitting woes

  1. It’s so frustrating, when I feel like that I don’t even get as far as doing anything productive, I just go round in circles trying to decide what to make to try to be productive to make myself feel better, but then end up over anxious because I can’t make a decision! I hope you feel better soon, then there’ll be sparks flying off those knitting needles!

  2. I hope you feel like picking this up some time soon, it’s a beautiful colour yarn, the scarf will be super when it’s made. However, please don’t give yourself a hard time over it, the yarn won’t go off if you leave it for a bit. When I feel this way I pick something super simple and small and pack away all my WIPs that are a reminder of what I’m not in the mood for right now. Sometimes I just crochet, frog, crochet, frog – there’s something soothing about the process even if I have no end product and I just practice new stitch patterns. Best wishes x

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