Crafty Creations: My Handmade Wardrobe

Click on the pictures for details of some of my crafty creations.


lush cardigan hummingbird safari suit
sew dolly clackett elephant 2 sew dolly clackett duck 3 check 3
gabriola icon portrait of a stranger birthday icon
gabriola champagne and bellini swirly


self-portrait blouse basic bella cardigan black piped cambie
Floral Cambie spotty tiramisu Ohh lulu pants
self-drafted cardigan stripy tiramisu couture jacket
Polka-dot portrait blouse bunny skirt floral denim circle skirt
blazer hot air balloon elisalex hummingbird top
red october spoolette anna
polka-dot hawthorn onesie 1 liberty hawthorn

 2012 (and earlier)

she sews sea shells silk top peacock couture dress polka piped skirt
purple polka-dot pjs purple flowery sorbetto denim traveller dress
summertime skirt Birthday Butterfly Dress Miette
united stashes skirt spotty burda blouse corduroy skirt
minoru raincoat polo neck cosy turn-up trousers



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