Last CAL before Christmas?

Is this my last CAL post before Christmas? hmm… maybe. Have I finished my Crafty Resolution to make a blanket in a year? Nope, still a few to go. So why is this the last post before Christmas? Well, as obsessed as I am with crochet at the moment, I need to take a break to let other crafty projects take centre-stage.

I am not going to crochet any more square until I have finished knitting a special something for someone. Knitting on the way to and from work today added another 5mm to the project, so at the rate I’m going I will be pleased if I am finished in time to give it to the intended recipient.

The sacrifice needed to be a perfect relative means that, unfortunately for my blanket, I don’t think I will make the New Year’s Eve deadline. But the brainwave for my Crafty Resolution came while I was back at school, so therefore it isn’t cheating to extend the deadline to “I will finish my blanket before I go back to work in January.” So I can knit and craft my Christmas presents and then spend the holiday crocheting to finish my blanket. Perfect!

In the meantime you can enjoy the latest squares I have been making (a few repetitive blocks skipped out!)


Crochet update

I have been really focusing on my crochet this week and am now just a week or so behind. So far my favourite block was the colourful bobbles – I am thinking what I can use the technique for (christmas gift perhaps).


I counted up all my squares and am 10 squares behind my target for my crafty resolution! That is a whole month I have somehow missed, uh oh! To give me some inspiration I placed together all the squares on my blanket.
From this…


To this…


One more round makes it look so much more blanket-like – it is now too big to lay it out on the floor so I had to use my bed.

I’m going to try to do 2 squares each day of the weekend to catch up some more, so I’d better get back to it!

P.s. my internet is down so apologies if this looks weird/poor photos as it is from my phone.