Christmas Crafting

I have just one Christmas gift to finish, so I thought I would share some pictures of the things I have been making recently before they get wrapped up.

secret presents

secret presentYou didn’t think I’d risk my recipients seeing their entire presents on here did you?! Luckily I do have one gift I can show you since I made a present for my self (well, the machine was out already)…

secret gift  I have decided to start a new tradition – making a pair of Christmas pjs to wear on Christmas eve – and my second pair of festive pj bottoms are a lovely tartan flannel. I added a little patch pocket with a bow on the front and some festive ribbon at the waistband (for decoration only).

There is no action shot as I am trying to be very good and save them for Christmas eve. Until then I’ll just have to wear last year’s reindeer pjs…


Cosy Crafting

Last week I had a free weekend, but after waking and getting up at 7am I started to get a little stir-crazy in the afternoon. I wandered down to Tate Britain and then decided to jump on the bus to Fabrics Galore, with the intention of getting some fabric to make something for someone for Christmas (I can’t be more specific as I keep hassling my family to read my blog and I think they actually do now). I brushed past a pile of tartan brushed cottons and after lots of umm-ing and ahhh-ing I got some to make some cosy Christmas pjs (a new tradition I started last year). Yesterday I popped into work with the intention of getting a couple of metres of something to finish a something I started making for someone. I got a few bits of haberdashery and some other bits for other presents I’m going to make, but then something caught my eye.  Last time I popped into John Lewis I spotted this cosy knitted fabric but showed great restraint and left it alone. The weather has really got chilly over the past few days and the Christmas lights were twinkling, so last night I was feeling festive and gave in and purchased some to make a polo-neck jumper.

The other fabrics in the photo are all for Christmas presents. Half of the fabrics are cut out and the others are about to be chopped up and sewn up – today is perfect weather for Christmas crafting and watching films 🙂