Work in progress: Birthday Butterflies

As much as I loved the amazing weather yesterday (feeling hot sitting on the “beach” at 9am was lovely) I am rather pleased the sky is looking a bit overcast today as it means I can actually get on and do something!

My plans for today include, in no particular order:

  • paying in a check from school to reimburse me for a shopping trip months ago.
  • going to the market to get some nice fresh fruit and veg. The market is actually on the way to the supermarket, but is only open during school hours.
  • browsing the sales. I have stood at the bus stop a few times this week after hours (or in yesterday’s case, before hours) and looked through a shoe shop window. I hate shoes, but they looked like there were some good sandals on sale (although they will probably be in the wrong size for me)
  • baking some Olympic themed snacks for a gathering tonight. Then crocheting some more squares for my blanket while watching the opening ceremony.
  • Making this… I’ve spend breakfast with my sketch book and french curves, to adapt a trusty pattern and am ready to chop up this stunning fabric I bought last time the weather was nice (that was the Easter holidays) and forgot about while the weather was cold and gloomy.
  • reliving my childhood on youtube. An online discussion about Neighbours (potential spoilers) has led me down a long path of link-clicking, featuring some classic videos of Byker Grove and PJ and Duncan. Psyche!

That is quite a lot for a day, better get started. Do you have any exciting plans for today or the weekend?

Peacocks at the zoo

Last week, you may know, was my big brother’s wedding in Bristol Zoo, and the first outing of my Peacock dress. So here is a picture post full of animals and sequins!

The final dress complete with beautiful corsage.

Silly wally pose!

Teeny baby meerkat!

Fascinating feathery fascinator.

I put the fascinator on a headband in the end and it stayed in place all day, although some of the feathers didn’t like all the rain and drizzle.

Sea-lion enjoying the rain.

Beautiful silk shining under the disco lights.

I love the two-tone effect of the silk 🙂 I’d like to say that I spent hours choosing the perfect length for the dress, but I was limited by fabric. However I think the length and a-line combination was great – long enough to feel decently dressed but short and swishy enough to feel fun.
p.s. look at that invisible hem!

"Hello, ooh look at that lovely dress."

A good view of all the hand-beading.

Sadly a couple of sequins didn’t survive all the dancing, but the fit had plenty of dancing-ease.

Pitter patter raindrops.

Stripey lemurs.

It is pretty rare to wear something for a whole day and night of walking, eating, standing, posing, eating and lots of dancing, and then crawl into a cab after midnight still feeling totally comfortable (pointy stilettos excluded!). But this dress fitted like a glove – no waistband digging into the wrong place, no straps slipping down the shoulders, and no lining twisting around. The dress got a big test-wear and here is the proof…

Rocking on the dance floor