My Sewing Space

On the Flickr group for Me Made May there is a theme for taking photos every Friday (aka #ThemeFriday) and this week it was “Sewing/Knitting/Crafting Space.” So let me take you on a brief tour of my sewing station…mmmay 13 theme friday sewing space

I live in a tiny flat in London, so I definitely don’t have a spare room to call my sewing room. My sewing room also doubles as my living room, my office/study AND my dining room, so clever storage is essential.

I have a sturdy fold-out table that my machine lives on and a foldable chair that can be hidden when I need to enter/exit the room. So I can access all the tools and notions I need easily I have an over-the-door shoe-caddy to store all my bits and bobs (see below). This is too small for keeping the little scraps and random pieces of fabric, so I made a larger hanger from some canvas fabric and a coat hanger.

PicMonkey CollagebIn the middle of sewing projects I tend to “store” patterns/pieces on the arm of my sofa (it looks much tidier in the picture than it does in real life!); somewhere among the pile today are all the pieces for my couture jacket (half are hand-basted together) and the turn-ups for my trousers…