What’s wrong with knitting in the pub?

Since re-discovering the joy of knitting I have been carrying my needles and yarn around everywhere. So on Friday, while chatting after work, I whipped out my knitting and carried on making my snood, but instead of loving gazes towards my beautiful cherry yarn I was met with weird looks. I pointed out that I could still join in with the conversation, unlike unsocial smokers popping outside and sports fans who are glued to the TV (I actually managed to play Monopoly while playing, and didn’t miss a single chance to collect my rent). Maybe if I was doing some complex pattern I might be less sociable, but I can knit plain stocking stitch with my eyes closed (or at least looking at someone who is talking).

Pretty cherry yarn 🙂

Luckily the friends I visited at the weekend were more understanding. They asked if I minded going to the pub to watch the football, and were happy when I said it was okay if I could knit. It turns out half a football match + a train journey = plenty of time to complete knitting a snuggly beret. I wore it on a walk in the country yesterday, but sadly it was a bit too warm for pure wool warmth.

Snuggly snood and beret

The woman in I knit was right – 2 balls of yarn was more than enough for my snood, so I had plenty for the beret. I think the beret probably only used a ball, so I still have half a ball or so left.

Side of the snuggly snood and beret

The hat was my own design (tutorial to follow soon) and fits my head scarily well. As for the snood, it is great but I forgot how graceful it would be to pull something over my head everytime I get on/off the tube. Maybe a button-up version could work…

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