My day in pictures

I have my internet back!! hooray!!

Since technology is on my side, I thought I’d go photo* crazy and show you all the things I have got up to today, starting with my walk to the shops…

Stage being prepared outside the palace

View of the Mall

Guards practicing their steps

Ex-prime-minister John Major being interviewed on the Mall

I went for a walk via St James’ park…

A Filofax store!!

Sparkly Union Jack in Carnaby Street

… to Carnaby Street, to visit a little haberdashery shop called All The Fun of the Fair in Kingly Court. While I was there I thought I might as well visit Liberty (I’ve never been before and was pretty impressed) and then did some other shopping.

Liberty origami

Inspiring cross-stitches on show

Can you guess what city I am in?

The sun had come out so I walked back through the park.

Guard at Clarence House

Big crowds and there wasn’t anything happening (except hearing Cliff’s sound check)

Yet another flag…

… and again (to compare app effects)

The screens are ready for the weekend and the park was pretty busy. There was a man blowing bubbles, using two fishing rods and some string to make ENORMOUS bubbles.

If you thought these bubbles were big…

… think again! (at least a metre long)

I walked about 4 miles so I think I deserved a little rest

Then back home, with a bit of house work to do.

Clearing up the remains of Sorbetto and Traveller sewing

And then there was still time for a relaxing pamper (it has been a long, long week at school!) and time to prepare for festivities tomorrow.

Red, white and blue

Tomorrow I am off to Greenwich for some Jubilee celebrations, and will try and get some pictures of my latest make (it had a test wear yesterday but after having a class party with 25 4 year olds I got home too exhausted for a photo shoot!). What are you doing to celebrate the Jubilee and the long weekend?

*All pictures were taken on my HTC Desire, using FxCamera and Lomo Camera apps.


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