Happy Bloggerversary to me!

It has been exactly a year since I first posted on this blog! Woo!

I finally feel like I am getting into the hang of blogging (see my self-coded table on the My Crafty Creations page!) and it is so great to read lovely comments from my new followers (not just my family!). Thanks so much to all the people who have taken the time to read and comment on here, and decide to carry on reading! 🙂

Since it is my blog birthday, its only right that I buy it/myself a little present (any excuse!)… After reading that Karen’s Faith cardigan took her 9 months to knit, I can’t stop thinking that I really should get to work if I want a cardigan ready for autumn. I spent ages looking through patterns for something simple and classic with a bit of a interest, that could be easily adapted.

Kim Hargreaves Cherished

It is such a beautiful book with some chunky cosy jackets and hats, a few fine-knit jumpers, and lots of lovely cardigans. The only problem is choosing what to knit first! (All knitting photos from here)


Option 1 – Cherished Skylark (sounds so pretty, doesn’t it?) – I really like the neckline and texture of this knit, and the sleeve length is great and snuggly, but is the lace rib too complicated for starting my first cardigan in 10 years?

Option 2 – Cherished Wisdom – It has pockets!! I love clothes with pockets! For some reason I’m imaging making this but slightly changing the moss stitch stripes and make them thinner with more stocking stitch between them (and lengthen the sleeves).

Option 3 – Cherished Fawn – A really simple, classic cardigan. The pattern is for a cropped cardigan, but would it be too hard to lengthen it (casting on extra stitches, and decreasing towards the waist as in other patterns)?

Hmm… decisions, decisions. And then I have to choose yarn, I’m imaging a deep plummy purple. Which pattern do you think I should start with?

All knitting photos from here


4 thoughts on “Happy Bloggerversary to me!

  1. Happy blog birthday! I love that first design! It’s really lovely. I’ve just started crochet and I am eager to start making some cardigans and jumpers when I am a bit more confident but I’m struggling to find designs I like! It seems like all of the ones that I come across and love are knitting ones! These are all lovely though…good luck with them!

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