Miette progress

Last week I made a major decision that has given me extra knitting time. After more than 10 years I have stopped reading the Metro in the mornings – I decided that since I listen to Radio 4 in the morning I know all the real news by the time I get on the tube, and less Metro means more knitting. The extra 20minutes of knitting means a couple of extra rows a day, which means I have made some exciting progress on my Miette cardigan…

I got to the point where I could try the cardigan on!

The fit is good so far and there is more ease than I expected (the pattern has 2″ negative ease), but I’ll need to try it on again before I get to the bust darts.

Now I have put the sleeves onto scrap yarn I have lost approx a third of the stitches, and the knitting is speeding up – when there were 200 stitches on a row, I was barely managing one row per commute!


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