Bargainous, Beautiful Buttons

A couple of weeks ago I needed to pop into John Lewis to exchange a zip I had bought in the wrong size. I was with my lovely friend M, but unfortunately she wouldn’t let me get distracted by all the pretty fabrics and sale yarns. I did however make a slight detour to the remnant bin by the cutting table and found a bag of random buttons for £3. How could I say no to that?!buttonsWhen home and opening the bag I discovered more delights than I expected:

  • 3 sets of 10+ buttons – teeny turquoise and brown buttons and chunky blue speckled buttons.
  • 6 big brown buttons
  • 7 medium greyish buttons
  • 3 big glitter shank buttons
  • 2 novelty buttons
  • lots of random odd buttons.

What a great addition to my button tin!

Have you found any surprise bargains lately?



One thought on “Bargainous, Beautiful Buttons

  1. I had the same experience back in Feb in John Lewis – I got a fantastic button jar with a pin cushion on top for half price – bargain!

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